I’d be happy to talk with you about your life questions!

There’s no charge for an initial 30 minute consultation nor is there any obligation to continue service.

My goal is to see you get your needs met by the right therapist for you.  Do you ever wonder:

  • What’s ahead for me and my loved ones?
  • How do I make plans with so much uncertainty?
  • Do I continue with my education, current job, career path, etc. or do I make new decisions for my immediate future?
  • Do I stay in my current relationship, living arrangement, or is this the time to reassess things I’ve overlooked for too long?

If you are ready to seek answers to your questions, and/or clarify your options and goals, please reach out and contact me.


Note: I do not accept insurance. However, if you wish to apply for reimbursement from your insurance company, I will issue a Superbill (Receipt for Services) as an Out of Network provider for you to submit. 


Dr. Sherwin can be reached either through the form below or at 818-789-1292: