Do you know that many couples spend more time, energy, and money planning their wedding than their marriage?

  • If you are not married yet, what potential challenges might you face?
  • If you are already married, what are some new ways of relating to each other to enrich your relationship?
  • What are some new options to repair past hurts?

Dr. Sherwin supports each couple’s original commitment to their relationship and has specialized education, training, and experience in the complex needs required for couples’ therapy, pre-marital preparation and marriage counseling.

Some couples come to therapy because one of the parties wants out of the marriage/relationship and the other is uncertain or hopeful.  I recommend “Discernment Counseling” to those couples before they make a decision to proceed.

Other couples seek counseling for the purpose of improving their relationship.  Often these concerns can be addressed in just a couple of sessions, depending on the extent of the problem.

  • A few common reasons people seek help include:
Anxiety/stressMoney/money management
Addictions: substances, social media, video games Sex (more/less, unfaithfulness)
Control, criticism, contempt, sarcasm Inability to talk things over, withdrawal
Anger, temper, lack of impulse controlReligious/political differences 
Lack of trust, jealousy Lack of respect or appreciation
Late hours, absence from homeWork/life balance
Parenting and/or In-lawsIllness/tragedy/loss/grief
  • How do people find and keep a loving, secure, trusting, and enduring relationship?

That is the question often asked by singles and couples alike.  Since the only thing constant in life is change, Dr. Sherwin teaches you the necessary tools to make the required adjustments to life’s many challenges without compromising core beliefs.

Do you regularly show your loved ones gratitude, and appreciation? There are many small ways to do so to create a more loving connection.  Dr. Sherwin can help with suggestions.