Services for Licensed Therapists, Associates, Trainees, and MFT Students

Dr. Sherwin provides an opportunity to gain additional self-awareness regarding the complexities of countertransference and family of origin issues so as to work more effectively with clients.


Therapy for Therapists and Therapists-in-Training: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, pre-licensed MFT students, Trainees, and Associates have an ethical obligation to take care of their own personal and professional health.

Mentoring For Students to Licensees: Navigating the process and steps required to maintain boundaries for personal and professional growth

Case Consultations: Provide an opportunity to discuss and integrate theories, expand skills, and explore new techniques into practice, giving you additional perspectives for working with clients.

What Therapists Say

I had the privilege of experiencing the other side of the couch as a therapist-in-training with the guidance of Dr. Sherwin. This paved my way to learn what a dedicated therapist looks and feels like. She was there each week without fail and it is because of her commitment that she inspires me to do the same in my practice with each and every one of my clients.”