Ages & Stages

Young Adults

Dr. Sherwin has helped young adults find answers to their many questions about:

Dating, relationships, commitmentSelf-confidence
Living together or marriageSelf-image
Parenting – Children and familySelf-respect
Future plansSelf-control
Education, career decisionsFinancial readiness
Hopes and dreamsPersonal/professional competence
What are your concerns as you go through these challenging years?

Mid-Life Adults

Dr. Sherwin also helps individuals and couples manage the many responsibilities of mid-life that create multiple interlocking stresses. Some of these adults (the sandwich generation) often find themselves caring for children and parents as well as themselves.

  • Many of the goals clients work toward include ways to manage the demands of:
Work-life balanceChildren, grandchildren
Divorce, dating dilemmasParents and In-laws
Remarriage, blended familiesEmpty nest
Multiple financial obligationsEducation, new careers
Future uncertaintyRetirement planning
Which new skills will improve the quality of your life?